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Landing your dream job can be a bit of a challenge. NEjobsNE1 are here to make your job-hunting all that easier and more rewarding. As the fastest growing recruitment company in the North East, we bridge the gap between talents and companies, helping aspiring candidates land their dream employment opportunities and local businesses – grow and thrive.

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Founded in 2014, NEjobsNE1 prides itself on being the fastest growing recruitment company in the North East. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we service the entire North East region, helping connect local businesses with the most passionate, talented and hard-working candidates in the area.

NEjobsNE1 provides niche-specialist recruitment solutions in the North East. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, we are the region’s fastest growing recruitment company, connecting local talent with some of the most sought after roles in local businesses. We partner with a range of clients: from small local business to large corporations sharing our love for the region. Our goal is to prepare the local businesses for tomorrow’s challenges by sourcing forward-thinking, talented candidates who share their vision.

What we do

At NEjobsNE1, we leverage not only extensive industry connections in our practice areas but also a genuine passion for the North East and its people. We bring our partner network to our talented local job-seekers and candidates to help bridge the gap between businesses and local talent and provide mutually-rewarding opportunities for both.

Our efforts are solely focused on helping the region – and its people – thrive. We carefully select our candidates, as well as the companies we work for to ensure our recruitment solutions help maintain the diverse, rich character of the North East region.

Why NEjobsNE1


Looking for a new career in the North East? NeJobs is here to make this happen. We work with some of the best companies in the region, connecting talented candidates with some of the most sought-after positions in the area.

Our passion for people is what makes us the fastest growing recruitment agency in the North East. We go beyond the CV: we go the extra mile to get to know the person behind it and offer you highly coveted job opportunities, aligned with your skills, vision, and values.


As the fastest growing recruitment company in the North East, we are always on the lookout for strategic partnerships with recruitment companies across the UK. What makes us different is our focus on relationships and we would be more than happy to team up with you.

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